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Welcome to Wrexham Quiz!

How much do you know about this award-winning behind-the-scenes show about the oldest football club in Wales?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 23rd 2024

Welcome To Wrexham is a documentary series which follows the fortunes of Wrexham AFC. The team – which were bought by two very famous actors a few years ago – are currently in EFL League Two, will be featured in another season soon. But how much do you know about the team and their show? Find out now!

1/10 Two actors who own Wrexham AFC
Disney+ | FX

Which two actors bought Wrexham AFC in 2021?

2/10  A pair of old football boots

Wrexham Football Club is the third oldest professional club in the world. True or false?

3/10 A map of Wrexham

How many seasons of Welcome to Wrexham have there been?


What was the first ever episode of Welcome to Wrexham called?

5/10 An award being held aloft

How many Emmy Awards did the show win in 2023?

6/10 Two elderly Wrexham football fans

What happened at the end of the first season?

7/10 A Wrexham player

Which player is this?

8/10 A dragon in a football stadium

What is the name of Wrexham's ground?

9/10 A man with a silly amount of cash

The owners of the club had never been to Wrexham before making their big purchase. True or false?

10/10 A family watching Disney +

On which date did the second season premiere?

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Great work! You put in a great performance and showed a strong display of Wrexham-based knowledge. You just missed out on a perfect score. Maybe try again?

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Wow! Ryan and Rob are very pleased with your trivia skills and would like to present you with a Player of the Match award!