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The Ultimate Wales Rugby Quiz!

How much do you know about Welsh Rugby?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 27th 2022

Wales is a rugby country. Whether their team is competing in the Six nations, the World Cup or in a test series against a rival country, these fearsome red dragons don’t give an inch. How much do you know about Welsh rugby? Once you’ve had a good try at this quiz, scrum down for a look at The Ultimate Wales Trivia Quiz and our Ultimate Rugby Quiz! You might even like to have a chuckle at our 20 Funny Rugby Jokes For You To Try

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1/10 What colour do the Welsh Rugby Team wear?

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Where do Wales play their home games?

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3/10 What bird’s feathers are on the Wales badge?

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What is the nickname of the Welsh team?


Wales have NEVER won the Six Nations Championship, not even when it was called the Five Nations or the Home Nations. True or False?


As of 2022, Wales haven’t won the Rugby World Cup. True or False?

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Which of these is NOT a Welsh Rugby legend?

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8/10 What team is created when England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland combine?


What is the name of Wales’ deeply-loved, unofficial national anthem?


Why did Wales change their second kit colour from Green to Black?

Last place. With your lack of knowledge of Welsh rugby, you’d come last in the Seven Nations!

Gah! You didn’t come last in the Six Nations (England, anyone?) but you didn’t exactly bring glory back to Wales. Try again!

Triple Crown Winner! You’re the champions of the Great Britain but you finished behind France! Try again for the Grand Slam!

Grand Slam. You’ve led Wales to being champions of Europe! Next stop the World Cup!