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What Among Us Hat Are You?

Calling all Among Us fans! Here's a quiz that's been specially designed to help you discover which Among Us hat is best for YOU!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 8th 2021

So Among Us isn’t just a space-based whodunnit that’s totally awesome to play with your friends. It’s also a fashion parade of some of the coolest and wackiest hats in the galaxy. Which one best suits you?

Take our quiz and find out, then check out our awesome Easy Among UsTrivia Quiz and casually browse our Amazing Among Us Facts


What’s the first room you’d head for when you’re an Among Us Crewmate?


If you weren’t an Among Us gamer what would you be?


3/20 Which animal are you most like?


4/20 Now be honest. If your friends said you were like an animal. Which one would it be?


Which one of these sentences reads like something you’d type in an emergency meeting?


Pick a task!


How tidy would your Communications Room be in real life?


8/20 What’s your favourite colour for head wear?


What’s your favourite colour crew mate?


What was your favourite subject at Astronaut School?

11/20 A pork pie

What’s your favourite type of pie?


Your friends are arguing over who is the imposter? What do you do?


13/20 What’s your favourite planet to orbit on your space station?


You’re baking something for your Among Us crew mates. But what?

15/20 A dad dressed as a superhero

What theme do you pick for your birthday party?


16/20 Which city would you most like to visit when you get back to Earth?


What is your favourite food to order from the cafeteria on the Among Us Space Station?


Who is your favourite superhero?


What do you do in the waiting room?


What best describes your Among Us style of play?

Back to Front Baseball Cap!

You’re the Back to Front Baseball Cap! You can tell that someone who wears a back to front baseball cap is a cool person. When they’re a crew mate, they’ll watch their friends back, and when they’re an imposter will feel (at least a little bit) guilty when they kill a crew member. Remember: Back to front baseball cap equals a good person. And that’s YOU!

Sheriff Hat!

You‘re the Sheriff Hat! A Sheriff takes it upon themselves to catch the imposter. You feel responsible for every death, even when you’re not the imposter! Well, there’s not much you can do about it. It’s hard being a natural leader!

Party Hat

You’re usually too busy running around having fun to work out who the imposter is. You’re also the one making funny remarks everytime there’s an emergency meeting! You’re definitely the Party Hat!

Alien Brain Slug Hat

You’re the Alien Brain Slug Hat! You’re weird and proud of it! NEVER CHANGE!!!