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What Anime Character Are You? | Anime Name Generator Quiz

Anime fan? Course you are. But which anime character fits your personality the best? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2022
viz | twitter

Pick an outfit:

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Pick a hairstyle:


Favourite Colour?


How would your friends describe you?


Which of these skills would you rather have?


How cool are ninjas?

forbes | twitter

What's most important to you?

bandai namco | twitter

What's your power level?


Your teacher sets you way too much homework to do over the holidays. What do you do?

10/12 Naruto
narutovideogames | twitter

What makes a great anime character?


What do you want to eat for dinner?

forbes | twitter

Pick a weapon:

viz | twitter

You're loyal, dedicated and a fun person to be around - you're Naruto!

merimoto | twitter

You have a tendency to explode in huge balls of electricity, but you've got a heart of gold deep down. You're Vegeta from Dragonball Z!

viz | twitter

You're a gigantic cyborg creature controlled by a tiny man in your spine! Sound like you? You're EVA Unit-01 from Evangelion!

viz | twitter

You're just a regular guy, but one with an amazing ability to fix any problem with a single punch - you're One Punch Man!

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