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What Anime Character Are You?

Anime fan? Course you are. But which anime character fits your personality the best? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 8th 2022

Anime – pronounced ah-nih-may – is a type of animation style that originated in Japan, and its origins can be traced back to around 70 years ago.

In 1945, the Japanese navy created an animated film called ‘Momotaro: Umi no Shinpei’ – which means Momotaro, Sacred Sailors in Japanese – and told the story of a bear, a pheasant, a monkey and a puppy after they do naval training. It started a tradition of an instantly recognisable, incredibly popular form of animation thanks to its huge range of genres, characters and unique stories. 

In fact, this type of animation is so popular that many schools in Japan consider anime as a subject –imagine having a double lesson of Beano on a Monday afternoon at school – and more paper is used to print manga (Japanese comics) than toilet roll! With many loyal followers, one anime show titled Sazae-san has broadcast over 2500 episodes. That’s a lot of anime!

We love anime at the Beano and have lots of quizzes dedicated to the likes of Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and Naruto – plus we’ve even got some hilarious anime jokes too!

And of course, there’s a special place for Pokémon on Did you know that Pokémon is an abbreviation of Poketto Monsutā which means 'pocket monster' in Japanese? Or that Pikachu basically translates as ‘sparkly mouse noise’. There’s 38 other awesome Pokémon facts to fill your brain!

We know you’re an anime fan because you’re on this page. When you’re watching your favourite anime shows, have you stopping paying attention to the storyline because you’ve started wondering which anime character you’d be, based on answering a series of simple questions? 

Don’t waste any more time daydreaming – you can take a quiz just like this right now and we’ll tell you the character you’re most similar too, thanks to our special personality quiz computer programme.

Simply answer the questions, and the ol’ SPQCP will crunch numbers, analyse the data and give you the answer in a split second! 

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

viz | twitter

Pick an outfit:

IGN | twitter

Pick a hairstyle:


Favourite Colour?


How would your friends describe you?


Which of these skills would you rather have?


How cool are ninjas?

forbes | twitter

What's most important to you?

bandai namco | twitter

What's your power level?


Your teacher sets you way too much homework to do over the holidays. What do you do?

10/12 Naruto
narutovideogames | twitter

What makes a great anime character?


What do you want to eat for dinner?

forbes | twitter

Pick a weapon:

viz | twitter

You're loyal, dedicated and a fun person to be around - you're Naruto!

merimoto | twitter

You have a tendency to explode in huge balls of electricity, but you've got a heart of gold deep down. You're Vegeta from Dragonball Z!

viz | twitter

You're a gigantic cyborg creature controlled by a tiny man in your spine! Sound like you? You're EVA Unit-01 from Evangelion!

viz | twitter

You're just a regular guy, but one with an amazing ability to fix any problem with a single punch - you're One Punch Man!

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