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What Anime Character Do I Look Like? Quiz

Find out what anime character you look like just based on these vague and random questions! How do we do it? With our special lookalike algorithm!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 18th 2022

According to a very clever website, there are currently 29,117 anime in the world at the moment this sentence was typed out. There's a probably a few more now. And maybe a couple more. It never stops, because anime is very very popular. And if there are 29,117 anime – give or a take a few – that means there's thousands and thousands of characters out there, wandering around doing cool stuff in movies, TV shows and comics.

But out of all those thousands of characters, which one do you look most like? It would take you years to trawl through every single anime, so we've boiled it down to four legendary characters. Which one is your double? Take the quiz and see!

1/12 A person clutching a pillow, standing next to a raccoon

What colour are your pyjamas?

2/12 A dream involving the moon being walked like a pet dog

What was your last dream like?


What time did you get up this morning?


Pick a smile


How tall are you?


Breakfast of choice?


What's your hobby?


What best describes your hair?


Which answer is most true?


Complete the sentence: My clothes are...


What's most important to you?


12/12 What's your favourite colour to wear?

Howl's Moving Castle | Studio Gibli | Susuki | Miyasaki


You look like you're ON FIRE. EXACTLY like Calcifer. 

Dragon Ball Z | Manga Entertainment | Cartoon Network


Our complex algorithm tells us that you look awesome. It also says you look a bit like Goku. Apart from the face, maybe. There's a possibility that the body is wrong too (our algorithm is a work in progress)

Sailor Moon |Naoko Takeuchi | Kodansha

Sailor Moon

You look like Sailor Moon.  Sure, there are probably some tiny differences but what were you expecting? This is the BEANO!

Dragon Ball Z | Manga Entertainment | Cartoon Network


Our algorithm says you are green and covered in rippling muscles. You must be Piccolo. Ummm, hang on! Maybe it means a different sort of green... Is this even the right algorithm? 

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