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What Back To School Superhero Are You?

Once you walk back into school, which superhero qualities do you possess? Take this blam quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2021
1/12 A sleepy woman holding a feather pillow

You've overslept. What do you do?

2/12 A man putting on a tie badly

When you don't sleep in, what are you like first thing on a school morning?

3/12 A school uniform neatly laid out

How smartly do you dress for school?

4/12 A school classroom with raised hands

What's your favourite lesson?

5/12 A grumpy school teacher

The teacher has asked the class to hand in their homework. You've forgotten yours. How do you get out of this?

6/12 A frog in a school playground

How do you spend your break time?

7/12 A child nodding off in class
@originals | Giphy

The teacher has announced it's time to do a surprise quiz. How do you approach this challenge?

8/12 A school bell ringing

The bell rings for lunch. How long does it take you to get to the front of the queue?

9/12 A pile of dirty plates

It's your turn to clear your table's trays and plates. How many trips does it take?

10/12 A team joining hands, while a piece of broccoli looks on

What are you like in P.E.?

11/12 A person clearly keen on doing homework

How quickly do you do your homework?

12/12 The Flash
The Flash | CW

How long does it take you to get home from school?

Result: Super speed

You have: SUPER SPEED!

You're like the Flash and can run faster than anything – even Usain Bolt sitting on a cheetah. You're never late, even if you should be, really.

Result: Super Strength


You could probably lift the entire school up if you wanted, but you don't because that would inconvenience everyone. But you are very strong like the Hulk.

Result: Awesome Punctuality


You're always on time and have never been late for anything. Your watch is your superpower!

Result: Telepathy

You have: TELEPATHY!

You can read people's minds which can make for some great conversations! It also helps with predicting what the teacher is going to say at any moment...