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What Colour Are You Quiz?

By answering a series of questions, we'll tell you which colour is a perfect match for your personality!

1/10 Lots of sweets

What's your favourite type of sweet?


2/10 Pick a meal!

3/10 Different sports balls including cricket, football, tennis and rugby

What's your favourite sport?

4/10 A basketball

Who's your favourite basketball team?

5/10 A rubber duck enjoying a bath

What's your preferred type of bubble bath?

6/10 The four seasons

What season do you enjoy the most?

7/10 Scary Halloween vegetable treats

What's your favourite time of year?

8/10 A grumpy child

Which colour makes you feel a bit annoyed?

9/10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Pick a Ninja Turtle.

10/10 An old man playing guitar with a tennis racquet

What kind music helps you relax?

Banana yellow

Your color: Banana yellow

The brightest and cheeriest of all colours is yellow. It's just a fact, we reckon.

Pumpkin orange

Your colour: Pumpkin orange

It doesn't have to be pumpkin orange. It could be orange like a… well, an orange! 

Obnoxious green

Your colour: Obnoxious green

This kind of colour will make you feel a bit sick if you look at it too long, so be careful!

Relaxing blue

Your colour: Relaxing blue

Your choices are well-suited to this chilled out blue hue!

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