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What Does Thor: Ragnarok Mean?

It's a bit of a Thor point โ€“ nobody knows what the second word in Thor: Ragnarok means!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 16th 2017

We're VERY excited for Thor: Ragnarok!

It's a strange word though, Ragnarok. What could it mean?

Is it a film about a wrestler-turned-actor wearing old clothing?

Marvel / WWE

Or a film about a jagged stone?


Or a film where Thor shows off about how hard he hit his head on something?


Or a film where Chris Hemsworth pulls a dress behind him?


Or a film where people put labels on a reptile?


ANSWER: It's actually the name for the 'end of the world' in Norse mythology

It's also known as "Twilight of the Gods" and involves the Norse gods fighting and ultimately dying, leaving the world submerged underwater to start all over againSounds like there's going to be loads of fighting in this movie...Thor: Ragnarok is in cinemas 27 October. Watch the epic trailer here.