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What Fidget Toy Is Best for Me? Quiz

Which of these awesome fidgety things is the perfect fit for you? Take this toy-tastic quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 16th 2022

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1/12 Squashed fruit

Pick a sound:

2/12 A llama looks at a rainbow

Pick a colour:

3/12 A dog rides a scooter across a golf course

What would you rather do this weekend?

4/12 Haggis

Dinner time!

5/12 Fidget cubes

What's your favourite thing about fidget toys?

@60seconddocs giphy | giphy

If you didn't have any fidget toys, what would you do?

7/12 Some ostriches

Pick an animal:

8/12 BTS
@ bts.bighitofficial | instagram

What kind of music do you like?

9/12 A rubber tree

Pick one:

10/12 An old caravan

Where would you rather stay on holiday?

11/12 A baby hedgehog

What's your favourite British animal?

12/12 Delicious leftovers

Pick a snack:

Squidgy bead ball!

These things are a bit gross, but loads of fun to squash and squeeze and poke into different shapes. Just don't burst it! Nobody knows what these things are made of!

Fidget popper!

These things are like bubble wrap, but reusable and a bit squidgy. They're great for fiddling with, and make a super-satisfying POP! noise. Good choice!

Magic snake!

This is a classic. You can roll this snake up into a ball, twist it, or fold it into all kinds of other shapes. Hours of fun!

Fidget spinner!

Ok, this is probably the most famous fidget toy out there. You can get all kinds of spinners these days - super-smooth spinners, light up spinners, whistling spinners... and all of them are great things to fiddle wth during a maths lesson!