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Which Flower Matches Your Personality? Quiz

Which flower are you most like? It's time to find out with the floral personality quiz! Answer some questions and find out which flower you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 18th 2023

It's time to smell the roses! Which flower suits your personality? Are you more like a rose or a snowdrop? Take this quiz, answer some questions and we'll tell you exactly which flower you're like! And check out hundreds more personality quizzes here! How about this quiz that tells you which princess you are? Or may you want to know which season you are? Or perhaps you want to know once and for all which song defines your life?

1/10 A tree with Beano creatures in it

Pick a type of tree


2/10 Choose a bouquet

3/10 A secret garden door with an arrow and splat

Pick a flowery film

4/10 Some peaches with goofy faces

Pick a fruit

5/10 Dog with tulips in its mouth with splats
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Which of these best describes you?

6/10 Question marks on rose background

Finish this poem 'Roses are red, violets are blue'

7/10 A beautiful meadow with some Beano creatures

Pick a location

8/10 A Beano mouse and snow goofy snowdrops

Choose a month

9/10 Butterfly on flower with splats

Pick a butterfly

10/10 Tortoise eating a flower

Choose a creature that likes flowers

Violet Result


You're a violet! You might be shy, but you're not shrinking! You're a bit of an introvert who prefers the peace and quiet of your own company, but you still love hanging with your friends. Your favourite things include the night sky, pastel colours and the sound of running water.

Rose Result


You're a rose! You're full of energy and life! You're always looking for the next exciting thing to do, and you love doing new things! Although you're friendly, you can be a bit prickly sometimes, if you don't trust someone. But you're also a super loyal friend! Your favourite things include karaoke, cooking and the neon colours!


You're a peony! You're a big fan of travel and love standing out from the crowd! You like to make an entrance and you're not afraid of anything! Your favourite things include travelling, baking and anything sparkly!

Daffoldil result


You're a daffodil! You're a ray of sunshine who always likes to see the bright side of things! Your friends always go to you for advice and they know you can always cheer them up! Your favourite things include dancing, giving gifts and crazy patterns!