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What Horse Breed Am I? Quiz

Are you on you high horse or is it pasture bedtime? Take the quiz and find out what horse breed you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2022
Image by Giphy

What is your favourite snack? 

2/15 Horse in poppy field with arrow

Pick a famous horse

3/15 Beano animals and pie on space background

Choose another animal

4/15 Woman reading next to horse with splats

Choose a book starring horses

5/15 Three horses and Beano zebra

What colour are you?

6/15 Unicorn in forest with flying unicorn farting rainbows

Where would you most like to hang out?

Image by Giphy

How do you like to wear your mane? 

Image by Giphy

Where do you sleep? 

Image by Giphy

How would you describe your look? 

Image by Giphy

What is your favourite type of film? 

Image by Giphy

Who is your best friend?  

Image by Giphy

What is your pet hate?

Image by Giphy

What do your farts smell of?

Image by Giphy

What song would you be? 

Image by Giphy

 If you couldn’t be a horse what would you be? 


You are a miniature pony! Small and feisty, you are the sassiest thing to flawlessy trot across a meadow. Nice work, Harry Trotter!

Wild Mustang!

You are a wild mustang! Untamed and more than a little cray, you're the cowboy’s horse of choice - but they have to catch you first! 

Piebald Horse!

You are a piebald horse! Not bald, but very much into pies as their name suggests. They have often been caught hanging around pie shops... but scatter when sprayed with cold gravy.


Yep, you're a unicorn. Sparkly and magical, You like nothing better than granting wishes and eating rainbows. You may think that unicorns are not a breed of horse, but they are. Don't bother to look it up, just take our word for it.