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What Is My Music Genre?

What’s your jam? Strawberry?! That’s NOT what we meant. We want to know what type of music you prefer? When you’ve got your buds in and your listening to some music what genre is it? If you can’t answer you need to take this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 5th 2021

Hey! We hear you are really into music! If you’ve ever got confused when someone asks you what sort of music you like, then this quiz is for you! Take it and if your still not sure then check out our The Essential 70’s Music Quiz! as a last resort or even get a second opinion with We Can Guess Your Music Taste With This Quiz - it’s basically the same but with a VERY MYSTERIOUS twist!


Pick your favourite instrument to play if you were in a rock and roll band:


Pick your favourite instrument to play in a brass band?


What instrument would you play in an Orchestra?


What place would you most like to visit?

5/10 A wise dog

Which subject do you prefer your songs about?

6/10 A person thinking about spelling

Pick a stage name from the list below:

7/10 Clothes rack of t-shirts

What are you wearing?


Pick a headliner for the next Glastonbury


9/10 What is your favourite type of animal?

10/10 Fruit smoothies

Choose a drink! | Instagram


You are K-Pop through and through!

Stormzy | Shut Up | XTC | Jaiden Ramgeet


Stromzy would be pleased! You like rap/ hip hop/ spoken word.


Ariana, Harry or Taylor, it doesn’t matter. You just love pop!

Country and Western

Yeehah! Saddle up for a hoedown. You’re a Country and Western fan!