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The Essential 70’s Music Quiz!

How much do you know about bands and solo artists from the 1970s? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 23rd 2021

It's hard to believe, but in the 70s, technology existed which helped bands and solo musicians record their music and release it in actual shops! It has been described by some – mainly really old people – as the greatest decade for music.

How much do you know about this era of tunes? Take the quiz and find out!

And when you're done, you can check out the answers at the bottom of this page and take one of our other awesome music quizzes!

1/20 Music quiz picture 1

Let's kick off with an EASY question. Who is this?


What's the name of this Swedish group, for another point.

3/20 A disguised cover of a Greatest Hits album

This man has released many greatest hits compilations. This is the cover of one such album. Who is he?

4/20 A singer-actor in Labyrinth
Labyrinth | Jim Henson | Eric Rattray | Henson Associates, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd.

This person was a famous musician and acted in Labyrinth too. What's his name?

5/20 A scene from the Stayin' Alive video

What about this trio?

6/20 A rock band in black and white make up

Can you name this hard rockin' four-piece?

7/20 A heavy metal band from Birmingham
Warner Bros

Can you name this legendary heavy metal group?

8/20 A rock trio from Texas

What about this band?

9/20 A gif of a reggae icon

What's this legendary singer's name?

10/20 70s rock band fronted by Debbie Harry

This band were fronted by Debbie Harry. Tell us their name for one more point.

11/20 A drummer explains a drum part

Who are this band?

12/20 A rock band

What's the name of this band who formed in the early 70s?

13/20 A very famous rock band in the 1970s

This band are rock royalty. What is their name?

14/20 A gif of a very famous singer-songwriter

This musician is still making music and performing today. What's his name?

15/20 A classic rock band in the 1970s

What's the name of this colourful band?

16/20 A dancing rock star

This musician still makes music today and possibly invented The Carlton dance. What's his name?

17/20 A famous disco group

This group were named after three different elements. Do you know what they're called?

18/20 Paul McCartney's post-Beatles band

This band formed after The Beatles split up. What were they called?

19/20 A London duo hanging around outside their shed

This duo formed in London and sang a song called Rabbit. Can you name them for one more point?

20/20 Disco singer Donna
Casablanca Records

This singer was a popular disco vocalist and has a season-themed surname. What's her name?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Maybe 70s music isn't for you. Still, there's lots of amazing songs to check out!

Result: Good try

Good try! Why not listen to every album released in the 70s and have another go?

Result: Great work

Great work! You know a lot about classic bands and musicians!


Wow! That's a perfect score. Do you own a time travel machine?