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What Kind Of Camp Counselor Would You Be?

Quiz away!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 16th 2023

What's your favorite part of the day at camp?


What's pet do you wish you could have?


Food or sleep?


What's the best fruit?


What's the best part of camp?


Top bunk or bottom bunk?


How would your camp friends describe you?

You're the laid-back counselor!

All the kids love you because they can get away with anything when you're in charge. Sometimes the hijinks get out of hand, and your job has been on the line more than once.

You're the uptight counselor!

The kids have to be on their best behavior around you. They may be a bit scared of you, but when you're in charge, everything goes according to plan.

You're the artsy counselor!

You inspire the creativity of all your campers. They want to be like you, and you have the paint stains all over the cabin to prove it. Your antics are guaranteed to make a mess, but you awaken the imagination of all your campers.

You're the foodie camp counselor!

S'mores? Check. Hot dogs? Check. Letting your campers sneak candy into the cabin? Check. Your campers will not go hungry in-between activities - and you'll teach them to enjoy the finer things in life... just like you!