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What Primark Item Are You?

Primark is everywhere, from our high streets to our houses! It's a huge company with thousands of products - but which are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 7th 2022

Primark is one of the leading brands in the world for clothes, they make so many pieces it makes your head spin a little bit! From dressing gowns to slippers, they've got it all! But which of their products are you most like? Why not try our extra special quiz to find out what piece of clothing you're most like!?


What is your dream breakfast?


Your clothes have shrunk, what do you do?


What is your favourite colour from this list?


You're late for school, what do you do?


Which is your favourite animal from this list?


Which football position do you play?


Which country would you most like to visit?


Primark is closed, what do you do?


Your socks have a hole in them, what do you do?


Choose your tool!


Not the most glamourous pieces of clothing but certainly one of the most important! Everyone needs pants after all! If you're not happy with your pant-tastic result, why not have another go!?


Everyone needs them, but not many people respect them! Without socks we'd be surrounded by stinky feet after all! Just remember to try to choose natural fibres when you're picking out your newest socks!


Everyone needs something to go on their feet, so why not some super comfortable flip-flops for the hot weather! Your answers make these squishy summertime shoes your ideal Primark product! Better get them on that birthday list!

A Carrier Bag

There's no point going on a big shopping adventure if you're got not way to carry all your goodies! Reliable, useful and often overlooked carrier bags are really important! Just make sure to dispose of them properly!