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Quiz Time: Which Sports Car Are You?

Get into the drivers seat and buckle up for this super speedy personality quiz! Are you an Aston Martin, or are you more Lambo?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 15th 2024

It's time for the speediest quiz you'll ever take! Have you ever wondered which sports car totally matches your personality? You're well on your way to finding out! Are you fast, dependable, ergonomic and stylish? Of course you are - but what car does that make you? Answer these questions and we'll match your personality to the best model! Don;t forget to try some of our other motor-based quizzes while you're here - why not try our classic cars trivia quiz, or our F1 trivia quiz?


Pick a country!


Which colour is your favourite?


What kind of music is blasting from your car speakers?


Would you ever want to be a professional racer?


You need to keep a racecar fuelled - pick a snack to keep you going round the track!


Pick a landscape to travel through!


Pick a word to describe yourself!


Which seating option sounds best?


How fast are you?


Pick another fast-moving vehicle!

Porsche 911

You're the sensible type - but that doesn't stop you from being awesome! You prefer to stay practical and comfy, and we bet trainers are your fave shoes. You're still lowkey one of the coolest people in any room, though!


You're the classic sophisticated sports car! You're smooth, stylish, and everyone knows you - and for a good reason! You're guaranteed to be the life of any party, but you're also kind and a good friend.

Lamborghini Countach

You're eccentric, bright and a total wild card! No one ever quite knows what to expect from you - except for a good time, that is! You probably love to take risks, which can be amazing, but be careful you're not going too fast!

Aston Martin

You're classy and sophisticated, and maybe a little bit unpredictable! You love the little things in life, and your idea of a great holiday probably involves museums more than beaches. Myabe you have a few crazy fantasies about being a secret agent as well, though!