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What To Do While You’re Not at School

If you're stuck in the house, here's some handy tips to keep your brain occupied!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Watch something educational!

You could watch anything, really, but if you've got Netflix, check out Brainchild and feed your mind with some sweet science facts! It's like the best school lesson ever!

Brainchild | Atomic Entertainment | Netflix

Learn a language!

There are approximately 6500 languages are spoken around the world. Why not pick one and learn a few basic phrases? That would be 'fantastique', as they say in France. See? You're off to a flying start!

Draw your own Beano adventure!

Grab a pencil and some pens and sketch out your own Beano comic strip. For some expert advice on how to draw our characters, why not watch this video?

Teach your pet a new trick!

You could get your dog to lift their paw or get a cat to mew along to a Stormzy classic. It'll take a lot of patience and maybe a treat or two, but it'll be worth it. If you really put the hours in, they might even bring you a snack.

Do some exercise!

It's important to keep active. We're not suggesting you start lifting huge weights like this gym legend, but why not try some running on the spot or some star jumps. You'll feel better for it!

Pretend you're in the Great British Bake Off!

If you've got some basic ingredients in your cupboard, so could make a cake in next to no time. What would your showstopper be? Have a baking contest with your family and you can be all be judges at the end. Everyone wins. 

Learn a musical instrument!

Do you have any musical instruments in your house? You could be the next rock star! Please be considerate of your neighbours, because not everyone loves the sound of someone learning the guitar, believe it or not.

Master one of those tricky Tik Tok finger challenges!

Those Tik Tok finger thingies look impossible, don't they? All it takes is a bit of patience and practice. Be careful not to get your fingers tied in a knot, though.

Make a phone call!

Everyone loves a chat. Why not give your friends or family a ring and see how they're getting on and see if they've mastered a particular Tik Tok challenge themselves. 

Pamper yourself!

After all that activity, we reckon you should a rest. Have a nap, read a book or balance some cucumbers on your eyes. We've heard that's what they do in fancy spas. Go on, you deserve it.