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What Type of Cricketer Are You Quiz?

Whether you're a legend in bat or an iconic bowler, this cricket quiz will tell you exactly what kind of player you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 28th 2021

There's many things to admire about cricket. When the sun's out, it can be the greatest game ever. But what kind of cricket player are you?

Are you a legendary batter, who all bowlers fear? Or are you something of fast-paced bowler who can hurl the ball at incredible speeds? Or are you an expert fielder, who has to be relied on to return the ball back to the square at a second's notice? Or what about an agile wicket keeper whose gloves stand between your team's chance of victory or defeat?

There's only one way to find out!

1/15 A cricket player hitting a ball

What's your favourite thing about cricket?

2/15 A wicket keeper catching the ball

The other team have chosen to go into bat first. You've been asked to bowl. What's your style?

3/15 A bowler holding a cricket ball

Bowlers spend ages polishing one side of the ball. What's your approach to this?

4/15 A cricket player running into the crease

How fast can you run with all that protective padding on?

5/15 A cricket bowler throwing a ball into the air

You're in bat. How do you face fast bowlers?

6/15 A cricket team high-fiving

What kind of captain are you?

7/15 A cricket bat

Which batters do you rate most highly?

8/15 A cricket team celebrating

Which country produces the best players at the moment?

9/15 A batsman

What kind of batter are you?

10/15 A wicket being smashed by a fast bowl

You've bowled someone out. How do you react?

11/15 A person pointing to a ball balancing on a cricket bat

You're playing a five day test! What parts of the game do you work on in practice?

12/15 A cricket helmet and bat

What kind of food do you prefer during a lunch break?

13/15 A wicket hitting the stumps

You're in bat again and hear the ball hit the stumps. How do you react?

14/15 A fielder hitting the stumps

The batter is out of the crease and you have the ball. How long does it take you to stump them out?

15/15 A game of cricket

Which English county team would you feel best suited to?

Result: Legendary batter


Success is more or less guaranteed with you in the team. With six after six, it's no wonder cricket grounds chant your name!

Result: fast bowler

You are a: FAST BOWLER!

With a sprint towards the crease, you've got the ability to unleash fast-pace bowls which have even the most confident batters quaking in their pads!

Result: expert fielder


You hand-eye coordination is like a bird of prey. If there's a ball in the air, you're going to catch it. No doubt about it, even if you have to do an acrobatic dive and get your cricket whites dirty.

Result: Wicket keeper


A skilled wicket keeper is essential to any successful team. And when you're in the line-up, your team mates have nothing to worry about!