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19 Question Cricket Quiz!

Are you a budding cricket ace? Put your skills to the test with this fast-paced sports quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 21st 2022

Summer is excellent for a number of reasons: the mostly good weather, trips to the beach, ice cream treats... the list goes on. But for some people, the summer is the greatest season of all because of one thing: cricket!

You might hear older people talk about the thrill of the sound of willow on leather, but what they’re talking about is the crack of a perfectly timed shot by a player who’s whacked the ball into the stands for a sweet six runs. Bats are normally made from white willow wood – salix alba, if you’re some sort of scientist – because it’s light yet tough enough to hit leather cricket balls. So willow on leather makes perfect sense after all. 

Cricket is more popular than ever. There’s county cricket and lengthy international test matches to enjoy, plus the shorter lightning-paced Hundred and Twenty20 games have helped attract a whole new generation of cricket fans. 

It’s a great time to be a fan of cricket, right?

The exact origin story of your favourite sport is a bit foggy, but the beginnings of the game are to have started in south-east England during the late 16th century. Why is it named after an insect? That's because one of the sport's greatest players was, in fact, a cricket named Slugger Smythe and was feared by other teams in the county leagues.

We made that bit up. The game's name is apparently derived from the old Anglo-Saxon word cricc which was some kind of wooden staff used by shepherds. You couldn't just go to a fancy sports shop and buy yourself a brand new cricket bat with a rubber grip in those days. They didn't even have Netflix then, so it's no wonder that people started inventing fun games. It's not known whether the shepherds asked the sheep to act as fielders. We guess we'll never know.

So, how much do you know about the other beautiful game? Take this trivia quiz and find out. Try not to get a duck!

1/19 A cricket ball hitting the stumps

What are the small pieces of wood on top of the stumps called?

2/19 A cricket ball being smashed for a six, at least

Which International team is nicknamed the Baggy Greens?

3/19 A daffodil and a cricket ball

Which British county cricket team has a daffodil as part of the club badge?

4/19 A cricket bowler throwing a ball into the air

Harold 'Dickie' Bird is a famous...

5/19 A wicket keeper catching the ball

The wicket keeper is the only player on the fielding side who can wear gloves. True or false?


Where did cricket originate?


Who is WG Grace?


What does LBW stand for?


Who did England beat in the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup?


Which of these places is cricket NOT a popular sport?


Complete the name of this famous cricket ground."___ cricket ground"


How long do test cricket matches usually go on for?


How do you win at cricket?


What do you call a referee in cricket?


What is a cricket ball made out of?

16/19 A white cricket ball

Why are white cricket balls used during one day internationals?


Who is the white-ball captain of the 2022 England cricket team as of August 2022?

18/19 A game of cricket

In which year was cricket included as part of the Olympic Games?


Why would a cricket ball be replaced during a game?

Uh-oh...more of a footy person?

Hmmm... ok, but not great. Have another go?

Nice! Good work!

You hit it for six! Well done - high score!