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What Type of FIFA Player Are You?

Are you a button-basher or simply the best? Find out which type of FIFA footie player you are with this scientific kind of quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

What Type of FIFA Player Are You?


You go to watch a live football game. Do you?


You get given your homework grade and it's not good. What do you do?


You are watching your favourite film online, when suddenly the internet switches off. What do you do?


You're listening to songs on your phone. What do you do?


What would you rather be?


Which animal are you most like?


You open your Christmas presents from your parents and you didn't get what you wanted. What should you do?


Which football player do you most prefer?


You go over to your friends house for dinner and when it is served you realise that it looks horrible. Do you?


You and your brother and sister go to the ice cream man. On the way back your sibling drops their ice cream and starts to cry. What do you do?

Shouty Fifa Player

You are a hard person to ignore on FIFA, but that's because you're so blinking loud. Whether it's celebrating a goal that you've just scored or complaining about how unfair the game is, FIFA just wants to make you scream and shout.The problem is you are secretly the best at FIFA but you just get frustrated when the game cannot keep up with how good you are.If that's not enough to make you want to shout, then what is?

The Button Basher

Players will know when they've played against you. Probably because they need to buy some new control pads after the hammering that you've given them. There are many different ways to play FIFA and you've worked out that the best way to go about it is to just press as many buttons as you can in the quickest time possible.Other players don't realise the genius of your strategy and think that it's all luck when you score a goal, but you know that the real reason is because you're just the best player ever, even if it seems like you don't know what you're doing!

The Blame the Computer Person

Well we've heard all the excuses under the sun for why a player has lost on FIFA, but you can still invent some more."My controllers not working!""The computer wanted you to win!""I'm not wearing my lucky boxer shorts, that's why you won!"If there was ever such a thing as a bad loser then you are it, but what's so annoying is that other people don't see how much more difficult it is for you than everyone else.If FIFA was fair you'd never lose because you are secretly the best player, but the computer tries to give others a chance  by making it harder for you.

Simply the Best

We all play FIFA, but not everyone is as naturally gifted as you. Every time you pick up a pad you score a goal, it's not your fault that you're just too good.If Ronaldo and Messi are the best players on the game, there's no question that you're the best player at playing the game.Sometimes it actually gets boring beating your friends on FIFA as much as you do, but you'll always find the energy to do it again.Everyone else should just give you the trophy and hang up their pads, once and for all.