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Personality Quiz: What Type of Teacher Are You?

Students' best friend or the teacher from hell? Answer these questions and find out what kind of teacher you would be!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 9th 2018

It's time to go to work. How do you get to school?


One of your students has forgotten their pen for the class test today. What do you do?


After the test, you want to do something a bit more fun. What do you do next?


You walk into the Staff Room and all the other teachers look at you funny. Why?


You get talking to the janitor over lunch. She's a nice person but says something you disagree with. What do you do? 


One of your students is playing with his phone even though you already told him to stop it. What do you do?


It's time to set homework for the next lesson. What do you set your class?


It's the last day of term so you want to show your class a video as a treat. What do you watch?


What inspired you to become a teacher?


You're at a meeting with the Headteacher and you want to impress her. What do you do?

The angry PE Teacher

You hate children and can smell out weakness. Secretly though, you always wanted to be a dancer and can identify every type of flower in the UK from the loveliness of it's petals.

The soppy Drama Teacher

You're sensitive, smart and creative - but if someone slams a door near you you might start crying

The cool Geography Teacher

You're full of interesting facts about the weather, and have a cheesy joke for every occasion. You also probably ride a motorbike and all the other teachers think you're the coolest.

The mega-boring Maths Teacher

After a tough day at work you like nothing more than to put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of tap water, crack open a packet of dry biscuits and do some difficult sums. Lovely.