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What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Ever wondered 'what will I be when I grow up?' Find out what career awaits you by taking this dream job quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 14th 2021

This fun career quiz can take a glance into your future (yeah ... right): what will I be when I grow up, you wonder? Well, we can help drum up some inspiration with this epic dream job quiz.

Not sure of your answer? Don't worry, your destiny is your own. When you're done here, find out which vegetable you really are.

Are you ready?

1/10 A hand holding an ice cream in a busy New York City street

What are you going to do this weekend?

2/10 A dish having a bath
Samm Henshaw | Giphy

What sort of hobby do you do?

3/10 An Incredible Hulk toy

Who's your favourite superhero?

4/10 A fashion-based reality show
realitytvgifs | Giphy

What are you wearing right now?

5/10 A girl reading the English dictionary

Which book are you currently reading?

6/10 A game of football in the USA
Major League Soccer | Giphy

Which football team do you support?ย 

7/10 A crisp salad

What's the best part of a salad?

8/10 A mobile phone

What app would you invent?

9/10 A cross-eyed lion

What's your favourite type of animal?

10/10 Cereal Man wrestling crying in the ring
Wrestling Pro Wrestling | Giphy

If you were a wrestler, what would your nickname be?

A doctor

You will be: A DOCTOR!

Your job will help lots of people get better, plus you'll be able to wear a stethoscope every day!

You will be: A CHEF!

Your skills in the kitchen will lead to a fantastic career in making the greatest meals in town!

A builder

You will be: A BUILDER!

Looks like all those afternoons playing with LEGO will pay off!

A slug next to a coffee cup

You will be: A SLUG CAFE OWNER?

We've heard of cat cafes, but a slug cafe? Good luck with that!