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What Vegetable Am I? Personality Quiz

Are you king of the kidney beans or an absolute turnip? What vegetable are you? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 6th 2022

Are you crunchy like a carrot? Perhaps you have layers like an onion?

You've been wondering what vegetable you are and we're here with 10 questions that will give you the answer.

It's just for fun, so if you don't like the answer you get you can always take the quiz again. Or you can try one of our other food quizzes.

So, what vegetable are you? Whether you eat your greens or you're yet to be persuaded, perhaps knowing the identity of your inner vegetable will make you feel differently about what's on your dinner plate tonight.

What Vegetable Are You? Find Out Now...

1/15 An elephant in a swimming pool

How do you get into a swimming pool?

2/15 Family watching Sam and Cat
Sam and Cat | Netflix

What's your favourite TV show?

3/15 A man eating a pizza

What's the ultimate pizza topping?

4/15 A school with a closed sign

What's the best thing about school?

5/15 An empty packet of crisps

Pick a crisp flavour!

6/15 Aubergine

What is your greatest fear?


Which celebrity would you most like to be eaten by?

8/15 A cabbage

How do you most like to be prepared?


What is your favourite season?

10/15 An artichoke and a sliced artichoke

What is your ideal way to spend three seconds? 

11/15 A hamster eating a carrot

Favourite song?

12/15 Red cabbage

What is your favourite Pixar film?

13/15 Fruit and vegetables

What is your favourite thing to whisper in the ear of a friend? 

14/15 An exploding avocado

Favourite colour?

15/15 A tortoise eating a pumpkin
@sandiegozoo | Giphy

What do you do on a sunny day?


You are the noble tomato! You are dependable, go with anything and no matter where you are in life you're always able to ketchup. Well done!


You are the mighty carrot! Whether giving great eyesight to rabbits or being an ESSENTIAL part of a snowman's face - you are earthy, trustworthy and highly nutritious. Well done!


You are the noble onion! You have many layers, and are able to make people cry easily. You're also highly versatile and go great in a casserole. Well done!


You are the mighty lettuce! Though often a bit wet, you are crisp and dependable, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Well done!