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What Zodiac Sign Do You Act Like? Quiz

The only way to find out is to take this stellar astrology quiz. What Zodiac sign do you act like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 22nd 2022

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wondered “What Star Sign Am I?” If the answer is YES, then you’ll be excited to know that the moon is on the cusp of Orion and, at the Beano, we’re getting a tingly feeling that the stars are NOT aligned.

Something’s gone wrong in the heavens and people have been given the wrong star-sign. Are you really the star-sign you think you are? Here are the latest Horoscopes from the Beano: Leo: A roarsome what Zodiac Sign Quiz will blow your mind! Aries: Don’t be fleeced by made up “What Star Sign Am I?” quizzes from websites that aren’t the Beano. They’ll pull the wool over your eyes. Sagittarius: Your goato (goto) website will be replaced by the puntastic Beano website after you take a fascinating Zodiac Quiz! Pisces: A fishy Zodiac Quiz will amuse you for a few minutes Scorpio: You will spend the day plotting to overthrow your nemesis. No puns in this horoscope because Scorpio’s never smile unless their enemy is defeated. Virgo: Your day will be ruined when you spill chocolate milkshake down the front of your local greengrocer All the other ones: You will do the Beano What Zodiac Sign Do You Act Like Quiz and like it! Anyway, have you ever wondered “What Star Sign Am I?”

Even if - like most rational people - you’re not that into astrology there’s no denying that quite a lot of people believe that the sign which we are born under determines so much about our lives; from love, relationships, careers and which flavour crisp we prefer. One thing’s DEFINITELY for certain, whether your Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, Pisces or the boring one holding the scales you’ll love our other The Ultimate Star Sign Quiz! and our Ophiuchus Star Sign Quiz!

If it turns out that you think Horoscopes are total hogwash, bunkum and pseudoscience you might be more interested in our galactically awesome The Ultimate Astronomy Quiz or even our out-of-this world Astronomy Jokes. They’ll keep you laughing to the moon and back!


What do you spread on your toast?


What’s your favourite animated movie?


One of your friends is struggling during a solo singing performance. What do you do?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


Which of these planets is the most interesting?


When do you feel at your best?

@snl via giphy

Someone has done something really annoying. What do you do?


What would you rather eat for dinner?


Which of these makes you happiest?


Which of these do you DISLIKE the most?


Pick a hobby:

@bbcearth via giphy

Which of these things do other people find most annoying?


Which of these animals would you rather have as a pet?

You're a Pisces!

You act like a Pisces - a water sign that's represented by a fish. You're compassionate, creative and you hate meanness of any kind. You're artistic  and trusting - but maybe sometimes a bit TOO trusting...

You're an Aries!

You act most like an Aries - a fire sign that's represented by a ram. You're determined and confident, and passionate about the things you love. These are often physical sports and things that play to your strengths. You can be quite moody though, and sometimes argue with people for no good reason. Eeep.

You're a Libra!

You act like Libra - an air element. You're easy to get on with, cooperative and have a good sense of what's fair and what isn't. You like the outdoors and sharing things with others, and dislike arguments and people showing off. Sound like you?

You're a Taurus!

You act like a Taurus - an earth element represented by a bull. You're reliable, hard-working and responsible... but also pretty stubborn! You like practical things, like making and fixing stuff, music, cooking, gardening... and you hate it when things gets complicated for no good reason. Sound about right?

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