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What’s On: How You Can Celebrate with Dennis!

It's the World's Greatest 10-Year-Old's birthday and we've got some great events going on to help you celebrate and find your inner prankster!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

This year at Kew Gardens, everything's coming up Dennis!

In case you haven't heard, the World's Greatest 10-Year-Old (Dennis told us to say that! - Ed.) is having a very special birthday this year! So what's in store? Let's take a closer look...

Somerset House

Do your mum and dad ever drag you round dusty old museums where everyone keeps saying "Don't touch anything!!"? Bleugh! 

Well, say goodbye to rules, boredom and being told NOT to do stuff and prepare for your favourite Beano characters to shake things up as we celebrate the spirit of mayhem-making and rule-breaking... with our major new blam-tastic Beano exhibition this autumn!

Forget dusty displays and ghastly galleries - this is one trip to the museum you won't want to miss!You'll be able to take trip into actual Beanotown to find out how this brilliant and beloved British comic has fired up previous generations to break the rules for almost a century!You’ll come face-to-face with the Beano gang - including Dennis, Minnie, Bananaman and the Bash Street Kids – through original comic artwork, amazing artefacts and interactive displays.And you'll also get the chance to smash stuff, make stuff, see stuff and create stuff - all while getting to know the Beano like never before.You’ll also experience today’s greatest creative rule-breakers, with contributors including Simeon Barclay, Holly Hendry, Sarah Lucas, Lindsey Mendick, Hardeep Pandhal, Fourth Plinth artist Heather Phillipson, editorial cartoonist Martin Rowson, Bedwyr Williams and many more great artists to be announced.So, if your experience of museums up to now has been a bit, well, meh... then prepare to have your mind blown by Beano!