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What’s Your Capture The Flag Strategy?

Let's get flagging!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which one word best describes you?


Which are you most likely to get in trouble for in class?


What is your bird nickname?


What's your dream vacation?


What would you rather do?


What's your favorite part of capture the flag?


What's your favorite movie series?


If you were a storm, what would you be?

You're the sneak!

You are never seen - or heard! You can get from Point A to Point B without getting noticed. Nobody knows you have the flag... 'til it's gone!

You're the runner!

You can sprint and never get caught! It doesn't matter if the enemy sees you - they can't catch you! If you get the right path - you can make it to the flag and back without anyone getting near you.

You're the guard!

Your team can always count on you to protect your flag. The rest of the team is out there on the hunt for the other team's flag - but you are the one who makes sure they don't get yours!

You're the decoy!

You may not be fast... but you LOOK fast. You make a run for it, and the enemy's team runs after you - freeing a clear path for the real fastest runner. Your loud, distracting, and a true team player.