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What's Your Clone Trooper Name Quiz?

Sometimes we all wish we were part of the amazing Star Wars story - but what would be your name if you were part of the Grand Clone Army?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 2nd 2022

The Clones were all created from one man, the famous bounty hunter Jango Fett. They were meant to be identical but throughout time some of them took on their own personalities, why not take this quiz and find out what your personality says about your Clone name?


What is your favourite animal?


Your ships engines have broken, what do you do?


A Bantha has eaten most of your lunch, what do you do?


Who would you rather serve?


What is your favourite colour?


Would you carry out order 66?


Which is your favourite utensil?


Which element are you most like?


A bad guy asks you for all your credits, what do you do?


A droid asks you to dinner, how do you react?

Plant Pot

You're Plant Pot, the most green fingered and vegetable loving Clone out there. With your standard issue blaster and armour, you're ready at a moments notice to water the plants!


Your Clone name is Hawk! Probably something to do with your incredible eyesight and attention to detail! Or maybe it's because you've got feathers and claws! We'll never know!

You're Fish Bone!

When the other Clones don't know what to do they call on you! Well, so long as all they need advice on is going 'glub glub glub' and swimming round in circles!

You're Yolo-Dog 665!

Nothing holds you back, not Sith Lords, not Jedi Knights, you live life for every moment! Nice stuff!