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Which Part of Beanotown Should you Visit this SUMMER?

Answer these questions and we'll suggest a holiday destination!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Start choosing!


1/6 You've got to get there first! How will you reach your destination?


2/6 What will you get up to when you're away?


3/6 What food would you like?


4/6 Snooze time! Where will you doze off?


5/6 You have some space left in your bag - what do you add before you go?


6/6 Who will you bring along?

You should go camping!

You love the great outdoors and having epic adventures, so a visit to Beanotown Woods is the holiday for you!

You should hit the beach!

You love sand, sea and sunshine so  head to Beanotown-on-Sea!

You should take a road trip!

It's not the destination that matters to you, it's the journey! Time for a Beano road trip!

You should check into the Poshington Grand Hotel

You like the finer things in life, so treat yourself to a fancy hotel room at Beanotown's Poshington Grand!