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Which ASMR Sleep Video Are You?

Yawn! This quiz will make you very sleepy!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

There’s a lot of ASMR videos going around right now, which is great if you like going to sleep, apparently. We’re not sure if listening to these video actually help you sleep - maybe the best thing to do is to turn off your screen, who knows? Anyway, just in case you wondered which ASMR sleep video type you were most like, here’s a quiet and whispery quiz to find out!


What do you dream of?


2/10 Choose a cute animal…


3/10 What colour duvet do you have?


Pick a calming sound…

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5/10 Which do you prefer?


What’s your favourite crisp flavour?


Which ASMR YouTuber do you prefer?

8/10 A spy dressed as Sherlock Holmes

Did you spot the fake YouTuber in the previous question?


9/10 Which season do you prefer?


What word best describes you just before bed?

A whispering lady and a relaxed cat

A Whispery Lady!

This is the video you’re most like. You know, the ones where whispery ladies lean close to the microphone and whisper things like “sleepytime sleepyhead” over and over again. That’s what our highly scientific quiz results tell us anyway.

A microphone

Weird Sounds!

Ever wondered what noise a feather makes when it’s lightly brushed against a microphone? Of course you have. If you were an ASMR Sleep video then this is the sort you’d be.

Nails tapping a microphone

Nail Tapping!

In our opinion, if there was a sound that is guaranteed to keep you awake it would be someone tapping their fingers right next to your head. Still, not everybody has the same ASMR requirements. Just because we find it a bit annoying doesn’t mean that this can’t be the ASMR video you’re most like!

A man relaxing in nature

Mucking around with water!

If we listened to this kind of video when we were trying to sleep we’d probably have an accident. Still, some people find the sound of water relaxing and this is the type of ASMR video you’re most like.