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Which Cake from The Great British Bake Off Are You?

Take our personality quiz to find out what kind of sweet treat from The Great British Bake Off you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 17th 2017

Answers these questions to see what kind of cake you are!

1/7 Do you love cakes as much as us?

What is your favourite dessert?


2/7 Are you the tallest kid in your class?

3/7 Are you an A+ or not so much?

How would your teacher describe you?


4/7 What's your fave kind of YouTube videos?

5/7 Party time!

What would be your dream birthday party? 


6/7 What's your favourite part of a Sunday Roast?

7/7 Which host has the most?
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Who's your favourite person on Great British Bake Off this year?

Chocolate Mini Rolls

Chocolate Mini Rolls

Small but pretty much perfect. You can never have just one, and you certainly have a sweet spot!

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake!

A normal-looking cake with a stunning centre! You deserve a Paul Hollywood handshake, even if you are a bit rough around the edges.

Noel Fielding ate a whole Marigold

Noel Fielding's Marigold

Wha-hang on, that's not even really a cake! You're fun and wacky, and just a little odd!

Peter's Bread Cake

Peter's Wonky Bread Cake

You might not be that sharp, or that well-risen, but you're still pretty delicious!