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Christmas Quiz: Which Christmas Chocolate Are You?

Answer these festive questions and we'll tell you which Christmas chocolate you're most likely to enjoy!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 3rd 2017

What is your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?


If you had a bad Christmas cracker joke, what would you do?


3/7 Which of the following Christmas cakes do you think is the tastiest?


How do you like to eat chocolate? 


If you had one bite/piece of chocolate left, what would you do with it?


6/7 Which Christmas picture do you think is the best?


7/7 Which of these Christmas decorations do you think is best?

Christmas Quiz


Maybe you're not that into chocolate? Or you just aren't feeling festive yet? Either way, hopefully your luck changes before Christmas and you can tuck into some delicious treats!

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Tree Chocolates!

You like chocolate, but you also like ALLLLLL the other Christmas food! The good thing about these chocolates is you can keep coming back for more and they never seem to run out!

Christmas Quiz

Terry's Chocolate Orange!

You're the star of the show!! Everyone love's Terry's and you're the life and soul of the party at Christmas! NICE!

Christmas Quiz

Advent Calendar

Are you a bit of a picky eater? Just a little bit of chocolate (but every single day) works best for you AND advent calendars are great because we get to count down to THE BIG DAY! Wahoooo! 

Christmas Quiz

Gold Coins!

Wahooo! Gold coins are great! Would it even be Christmas without gold coins? I don't think so!

Christmas Quiz

A Tub of Heroes!

You're all about variety and mixing it up! You also can't ever decide on what your favourite chocolate is! They're GREAT for sharing- pass them over, I wan't some!!