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Which Classic Disney Princess Are You?

Ever wondered which old-school Disney princess is most like you? Take this quiz and wonder no more!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2022

Where do you normally eat dinner?


Which of these things is most important for a Disney princess?

Aladdin | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Ron Clements, John Musker | Ron Clements, John Musker

Have you got any magic powers? Or special abilities?


Pick a best friend:

@stefflondon | giphy

Now pick a hobby:


Instead of a pet dog I have a pet...


Which of these things are you wearing RIGHT NOW?


Pick a pizza topping:

You're Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

You're Belle - the super-smart hero of Beauty and the Beast! As well as being the Beauty in the story, you're also tough and independent. You love books, adventure, oh - and giant hairy man-beast things!

You're Jasmine from Aladdin!

You're the rebellious Princess Jasmine from Aladdin! Your dad's a bit strict, but luckily you're smart enough to get your own way anyway. You like flying on carpets, saving the world from evil sorcerers and laughing at Aladdin!

You're Mulan!

You're the super-brave fighter Mulan! You're the kind of princess that's bored just sitting about at home, and would much rather fight off hordes of barbarians with a pet dragon. Sound about right?

You're Ariel the Little Mermaid!

You're the seventh daughter of King Triton, but are getting pretty sick of being stuck underwater! You're headstrong and independent, and would actually prefer to be a human. Even if your best friends are all sea creatures!