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Which Croods Character Are You?

Are you a Crood at heart? Would you prefer a cave over a boring house? Well, with this quiz you can find out which character from the amazing films you're most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 11th 2022

The Stone Age was an incredible time of invention and experimentation, and nobody shows this better than the incredible Croods films. It's just a good job films don't have 'smell-o-vision' yet, because we can say for sure that the Stone Age was a stinky place to be! Why not take this quiz and find out which character from The Croods you're most like!?


The cave is getting cold, what do you do?


A Sabretooth Tiger is on the hunt, what do you do?


You're practicing Cave Art, what do you paint?


There are four berries, which do you choose?


Which animal are you most like?


It's raining outside the cave, but you're hungry, what do you do?


How do you like to make Stone Age music?


You're stuck on a river bank - what do you do?


A strange Cavewoman visits and shows you how to make a special tool - what do you do?


Where would you rather live?

Dreamworks Animation | Kristine Belson | Chris Sanders

You're Eep!

Eep is the best! She's headstrong, courageous and always up for a laugh - sound familiar?! She doesn't let anything get in her way and just like you she always does the right thing! She also has great hair for someone who lives in a cave, if you find out who her hairstylist is - let us know!

Dreamworks Animation | Kristine Belson | Chris Sanders

You're Grug!

Awesome! You're the loyal type and it shows! You're do anything to protect the people that you care about and that is a very admirable trait indeed.

Dreamworks Animation | Kristine Belson | Chris Sanders

You're Thunk!

Wahoo! You're Thunk! Some people might think that Thunk is a bit clumsy, but underneath all the trips and slips Thunk has a heart of gold - a bit like you! What do you Thunk about that? Ooops, sorry 'think'........

Dreamworks Animation | Kristine Belson | Chris Sanders

You're Belt!

Yay! You're most like Belt! A bit like Belt and Guy's trousers, without you everything would fall apart! People rely on you and it shows! You're always out to help people, and you get a lot back in return! Nice one!