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Which Dennis Face Matches Your mood?

Answer these questions to see if you get a groan or a grin!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Dennis face matches your mood?


1/8 How was your day?

2/8 Dennis could go for a nap

Are you tired enough to take a nap right now?


3/8 How loud did you shout today?

4/8 Dennis does something fun

Pick something fun to do after school


5/8 Pick an animated film to watch tonight

6/8 Dennis is in the mood for food

Dinner time! What food do you want?


7/8 Nice try - it's actually vegetable soup for dinner!


8/8 Lights out - it's time for bed!

Dennis is stressed out!


Yikes! You must be nervous about a test or something! Maybe try shouting like Dennis to get that stress out of the way?

Dennis is feeling cheeky


Up to no good today? You must be a true menace!

Dennis is planning some mischief


Scheming and dreaming, you've had a quiet day planning your next big move.

Dennis is having a laugh


Go with the flow and do what you do best - laugh it off!