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Which Dragon From Dragon's Den Are You?

Are you Deborah Meaden? Touker Suleyman? Or maybe that guy with the podcast? Take this quiz and we'll tell you which judge from TV's Dragon's Den is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  April 1st 2022

Do you think you could be a successful entrepreneur? You'll have to be totally ruthless to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of reality show judging - do you have what it takes?

Well, pause whatever episode of Dragon's Den you're on - because it's time to find out which of these scaly TV business lizards is most like you! Let's find out!


What's your favourite thing about actual dragons?


Pick a hairdo:


Apart from making loads of money, what's your favourite thing?

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Which of these sounds like the best investment?


Someone just walked in and asked you for Β£10,000 for a 1% stake in their business. What do you do?


Pick a business:


What would you rather do?


Pick one:


Which of these is most important?


What's the point of having loads of money?

Dragons Den | BBC | Sony Pictures Television International

You're Deborah Meaden!

You're old-school successful business-person Deborah Meaden! You're not afraid to rip people's ideas apart, but you still know there's more to live than just making loads and loads of money. You also do quite a lot of charity work and support good causes like animal welfare!

Dragons Den | BBC | Sony Pictures Television International

You're Steven Bartlett!

You're the new kid on the block, Steven Bartlett! You're definitely the most tech-savvy dragon in the den and you made your money on social media. You're a big hitter online and even host podcasts - let's see the other dragons do that!

@toukersuleyman | twitter

You're Touker Suleyman!

You're one of the most experienced entrepreneurs on the show, Touker Suleyman! You made your money producing clothes for the UK high street, but will turn your business eye to anything you think looks promising. You're quite a traditional businessman and aren't afraid to tell someone their ideas are rubbish!

@saradaviescc | instagram

You're Sara Davies!

At one time (before Steven Bartlett turned up) you were the youngest Dragon on the show. You made your money through a crafting business when you realised there was a gap in the market for an envelope making tool and from that small start you've grown into a very succesful multi-millionaire! Sound about right? Have another go if you'd be a different Dragon!