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Personality Quiz: Which England Footballer are You?

Ever wondered which of the English World Cup squad you’re most like? Find out by taking this amazing quiz!

Everyone who loves football has had dreams of representing their country in the World Cup. But playing for a team like England will take lots and lots of practice. Why not save some time and see which of the Lions you’re most similar to…

1/15 A man surrounded by gadgets

What gadget could you not live without?


You're walking through the park and a football rolls to your feet. What do you do?


What's your favourite subject at school?

4/15 A grandmother with a green and white football scarf

What's your favourite football team?

5/15 Football toothpaste

If you could invent a toothpaste flavour, what would it be?

6/15 A healthy packed lunch

What's the best thing about a packed lunch?

7/15 A ball being kicked towards a pineapple

How do you like to spend a Saturday afternoon?

8/15 A hamburger

What's the best burger topping?

9/15 A bucket of popcorn

What's the best snack to take into the cinema?

10/15 The best TV set up ever

What kind of TV shows do you enjoy the most?

11/15 A commercial flight

If you went on a long flight, what would you take to amuse yourself?

12/15 A stylish young man

What's the most stylish clothing you own?

13/15 Youtube

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

14/15 A woman wearing virtual reality goggles

What gadget could you not do without? 

15/15 An English football stadium

Who's your favourite football team?

England footballer Harry Kane

You are: HARRY KANE!

England footballer Jordan Pickford


England footballer Bukayo Saka


England footballer Jack Grealish


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