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Which FIFA 20 Coach Are You?

Fancy yourself as a FIFA fanatic? Find out which pro coach you should play as with this footy-mad quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's start off easy. How do you pronounce the Beautiful Game?

@lfc | instagram

What team do you support? If yours isn't here, sorry... you still have to pick one!


What do you do when your team scores?

FIFA 20 | EA Sports

Are you in the Ultimate Icons on FIFA 20?


What style of gameplay do you prefer?


What would you rather eat for dinner?


How strict are you with your players?

Liverpool Football Club via Giphy

What's your greatest achievement as a manager?


You're about to play a really strong side, and it's going to be tough on your team. You also have another tricky match tomorrow night. Pick a strategy:


You're in the second half of this tough match, and you see one of your best players dive really obviously. What do you do?

@franklampard | instagram

You're Frank Lampard!

You're the veteran footballer Frank Lampard! As well as managing Chelsea, you also used to be a star player - so you understand how strategy works both on and off the field!

@lfc | instagram

You're Jurgen Klopp!

You're one of the most successful managers in world, famous for your attacking style - and for jumping about at the side of the pitch and shouting. 

@guardiolaoficial | instagram

You're Pep Guardiola!

You're the Spanish manager Pep Guardiola, famous for managing Man City. You hold the record for the most consecutive wins in La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Premier League, making you one of the best coaches in the world!

@fcredbullsalzburg | instagram

You're Jesse Marsch!

You're not quite a household name (yet) - but you're the American manager Jesse Marsch! You've coached lots of teams in the USA and are now in charge of the Austrian team Red Bull Salzburg! You might not be too famous yet, but you're an excellent football coach. ...Sorry, soccer coach.