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Which Greenhouse Academy Character Are you?

Find out which Greenhouse Academy character you are in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Greenhouse Academy Character Are You?

1/8 Boy with wand

Choose a Hogwarts house

2/8 Astronaut

Pick a career

3/8 Hannah Montana

Choose a Disney channel show

4/8 test tubes

Choose a school subject

5/8 Eagle

Choose a bird

6/8 Large House

Choose a fictional boarding school

7/8 Two men with thumbs up

How would your friends describe you?

8/8 Spiderman

Choose a fictional character to be friends with

Brooke Result


You're Brooke! You're outspoken and always stand up for what you believe in. You're curious, determind and loyal. 

Leo Result


You're Leo! You're a natural born leader. Sometimes your courage fails you, but you always want to do the right thing. Plus, you're a talented musician! 

Daniel Result


You're Daniel! You can hide your feelings and don't always want to open up, but you've got a good heart and you'd do anything for your friends. You can be competitive but that's what makes you a great leader

Hayley Result


You're Hayley! You're selfless and caring, and although you can be a little bit sarcastic, you're a loyal friend. You also like black nail polish 

Alex Result


You're Alex! You're pretty chill but you care deeply about others. Sometimes you can bottle things up but ultimately you're a great friend, and anyone can trust you with their secret.