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Which Hype House Girl Are You?

Find out which Tik Tok Girl you are in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 23rd 2022
1/8 Fry up

Good morning! You're waking up in the Hype House! What are you having for breakfast?

2/8 Woman in hoodie on red background

Time to get dressed! What item are you definitely wearing today?

3/8 Swimming pool with float

How are you spending your morning?

4/8 Sushi on white background

Lunchtime! What are you having?

5/8 Man and woman dancing on blue and pink background

Time to make some Tik Tok content! What sort of video are you going to make?

6/8 Woman pondering on grey background

One of the Hype House boys wants to collaborate! Who do you want to make a video with?

7/8 Pizza with face

Whew, dinner time! What do you fancy?

8/8 Woman in sleep mask rubbing eyes on white background

What do you want to do after dinner?

Addison Rae result
@addisonre | Tik Tok

Addison Rae

You're Addison! You're tons of fun and love being the centre of attention!

Daisy result
@daisykeech | Tik Tok

Daisy Keech

You're Daisy! You're friendly, kind, and you know how to take the perfect selfie!

Avani Gregg result
@avani | Tik Tok

Avani Gregg

You're Avani! You love nothing more than making people laugh!

Kouvr result
@k0uvr | Tik Tok

Kouvr Annon

You're Kouvr! You love travelling, your family and your friends!