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Which Icon House Member Are You?

Josh, Milli, Megz or Maxx? Take this epic influencer quiz to find out which member of the Icon House is most like you!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Would you rather be...


Pick one:


What kind of pet would you rather have?


What star sign are you?

@maxx.catley | instagram

Pick a hair colour:


And what hair style?

@joshryanx | instagram

What face do you usually pull in selfies?

@megzhanofficial | instagram

Which one of these things would you rather do at the weekend?

Icon House | Youtube

What kind of video would you rather make?

@rosannapansino | giphy

Who would you rather have in your videos?

11/12 The UK

Whereabouts do you come from?

@foodtribe | giphy

Pick a snack:

@joshryanx | instagram

You're Josh Ryan!

You're fitness champ and model Josh! Cheer up though, being in the Icon House isn't that bad!

You're Megz McLoughlin!

You're Megz! Milli's older sister and a really famous Tik Toker and model!

You're Milli Jo McLoughlin!

You're Milli Jo! Megz' younger sister and one half of the super-famous Liverpudlian Tik Tok duo the McLoughlan Girls!

You're Maxx Catley!

You're Maxx! A guy so cool he gets TWO Xs in is name! You're not just Milli Jo's boyfriend - you're a pretty well known Youtuber in your own right.