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What Star Wars Jedi Class Are You?

Guardian? Sentinel? Find out what kind of Jedi warrior you are with this epic Star Wars quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

What's your favourite Star Wars movie?


What colour is your lightsaber?


What kind of missions are you best at?


When you're not on a mission, what are you doing?

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Who's your favourite character?


Fighting is...


You're about to get attacked by the First Order and are hugely outnumbered. What do you do?

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Pick a force skill:

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The most important thing for a Jedi to be is...

You're a Jedi Guardian!

Combat is your speciality, and if you're not fighting the Sith then you're training your lightsaber skills on some distant planet. Jedi guardians - like Luke Skywalker - usually get involved in battles more than other Jedi, and they often have blue lightsabers.

You're a Jedi Consular!

You're the wisest type of Jedi, and prefer to talk through your problems instead of fighting over them. You're a skilled diplomat, and can always use a bit of mind control to get your own way! Yoda is probably the most famous, and like most Jedi consulars, he has a green lightsaber.

You're a Jedi Sentinel!

You're a great fighter but also have skills in other non-force things like science and engineering. You're a kind of all-round Jedi, that uses your brain as much as your lightsaber. Rey is quite likely a Jedi sentinel (although we don't know for sure) - and like many sentinels, she has a yellow lightsaber.