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Personality Quiz: Which Justice League Character Are You?

Find out with this scientific quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 11th 2017

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1/10 A superhero with a megaphone

You arrive at a party. What's the first thing people notice about you?

2/10 A smiling superhero

What makes you smile?

3/10 A confused cat in costume

What's your opinion on cat videos?

4/10 A superhero relaxing on a sofa

What do you do at the weekends?


What's the most pizza you've ever eaten?

6/10 A dog driving a car

What's your favourite sort of car?

7/10 A prankster

Best prank to play on someone?

8/10 A couple of people carrying cinema snacks

What food do you normally buy at the cinema?

9/10 A surprise pineapple

Birthday presents: plan in advance or do it at the last minute?

10/10 A puppy looks at a plate of biscuits

What's your opinion on stealing food?


You're Batman!

Armed to the teeth with gadgets and a solemn promise to keep the world safe, you're obviously Batman. Did anyone tell you that you look exactly like Bruce Wayne, but dressed as a bat?

Wonder Woman

You're Wonder Woman

Hello, Princess Diana of Themyscira. Or Diana Prince. Or Wonder Woman. You're here to save the day. Even after a delicious mug of hot chocolate.


You're Aquaman

You love a splash around in the water, don't you? 


You're Superman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you. Superman.