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Which Kate Bush Song Are You? Quiz

Kate Bush is one of the greatest musical artists in the world - but which one of her songs are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 19th 2022

Kate Bush's signature style of music, singing and performance is loved by millions of people both young and old - and she's got a really big back catalogue of great music too, so why not take this quiz and see which one of her amazing songs are you most like!?


What is your favourite thing to do outside?

Kate Bush | Website Gallery

How do you show your creativity?


Which landscape do you find the most interesting?


Which of these authors would you like to have over for tea?


What is your dream breakfast?


You're lost, what do you do?


Which of these drinks do you like the most?


How do you like to communicate with your friends?


You have a time machine, where would you rather go?


What is your favourite animal from this list?

Kate Bush | Website Gallery


Nice! This is one of Kate's faster songs, and really shows off her amazing voice - if you haven't heard this song, you better get onto that straight away! we're sure you'll love it!

Kate Bush | Website Gallery

Running Up That Hill

Wow, what a result! This is a modern classic and was famous in small circles even before it was on Stranger Things! A little bit like your choices, this song is mysterious, clever and surprising! Great stuff!

Kate Bush | Website Gallery

Wuthering Heights

Epic! This song is one of Kate Bush's most famous and it takes its title from the Emily Bronte book of the same name. A little bit like the choices you made in the quiz, this song is considered, careful but wonderful all at the same time!

Kate Bush | Website Gallery

This Woman's Work

One of Kate Bush's less known songs, this track is mysterious and serious in equal amounts! A little bit like how you chose your options in the quiz - nice! If you haven't heard it, why not fire up the wireless player and crack on!