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Which Luck Character Are You?

Do you think that you’ve got bad luck? Well why not give this quiz a spin and see for yourself!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2022

Sam is one of the unluckiest people out there, nothing seems to go her way until one day everything changes! With an amazing story and just as wonderful characters, Luck is sure to be a favourite film for the future - but which one of the characters are you most like?! Find out here!


Which animal do you feel like today?


You’ve spilt your tea, what do you do?


A crab is in your pyjamas, what do you do?

4/10 A woman in front of some colourful material

What is your favourite colour from this list?


Where is your dream holiday destination?

6/10 A man looking at a map in an empty field, with another man pointing at him

You are lost, what do you do?

7/10 A person in front of a selection of vegetables

What is your favourite vegetable?

8/10 A big owl looking inside a house

An owl is on your windowsill, what does it mean?

9/10 A pig in the bath

A pig is in the bath, what do you do?

10/10 A pig sitting in a puddle of muddy water

You’ve got a day off, what do you do?

Result: Sam
Apple Original Films | John Lasseter | Peggy Holmes


You’re Sam, the main character! Well of course! You might not be the luckiest person out there, but with enough passion and kindness you can get through anything, just like Sam!

Result: Bob
Apple Original Films | John Lasseter | Peggy Holmes


You’re Bob! Okay, you’re probably not actually a cat in real life, but Bob is no ordinary cat! Without Bob everything would’ve gone wrong! This is a bit like you, everyone relies on you to be the best you can be - so keep it up! Well done!

Result: Babe
Apple Original Films | John Lasseter | Peggy Holmes


Wow! You’re Babe, the mightiest dragon out there! And maybe a little like Babe the Dragon you’ve got the ability to sniff out bad luck! Or at least you’re very lucky in life - better count your blessings!

Result: Jeff
Apple Original Films | John Lasseter | Peggy Holmes


Okay! This might not exactly be the answer you were hoping for, but without Jeff, nothing in Luck would go to plan! He might not seem like he knows what's going on, but a bit like you, underneath the snoozy exterior, you’ve got a heart of gold and know the difference between right and wrong!