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Which Male Marvel Character Are You?

You've seen the movies, but which male Marvel character is most like you? Find out with this super-powered movie quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Pick a filling for this pie:


What did you do at the weekend?


An evil villain is plotting to destroy the world, but you're not sure where they will strike first. What do you do?


Where would you like to go on holiday?


Pick a name for your dog:

@spongebob | giphy

Which of these is more important when you're fighting villains?


Pick an outfit:


What's your greatest weakness?

Thor: Ragnarok | Taika Waititi | Marvel | Walt Disney Production Studios

What is your favourite thing in the whole world?


Do you have superpowers?

You're the Hulk!

Exposed to radiation during a secret military experiment, scientist Bruce Banner leads a double life as the super-powered superhero The Hulk! You have incredible strength and endurance, but can be totally uncontrollable at times. So try not to lose your temper!

@marvel | instagram

You're Iron Man!

You don't technically have any super powers - but you don't need them! With your custom built armoured suit you can fly, shoot lasers - and do pretty much anything you want!

Thor: Ragnarok | Taika Waititi | Marvel | Walt Disney Production Studios

You're Thor!

You're a Norse God - literally a God! There's almost nothing you can't do... but that doesn't mean you're not pretty clumsy sometimes!

Avengers: Endgame | Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios | Kevin Feige | Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

You're Black Panther!

You're the Black Panther - guardian of the secret African nation of Wakanda. You're a gifted leader and have plenty of superpowers to help you protect your homeland. Nice.