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Harry Potter Quiz: Which Marauder Are You?

Which Gryffindor hero in Harry Potter are you most like: Remus Lupin, James Potter or Sirius Black? Take the quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 2nd 2023

Friends has entertained generations of comedy fans - you may have watched it when it first aired or soaked up every episode on Netflix. Perhaps you hadn't heard of Friends at all until the hugely anticipated cast reunion in 2021.

Marauders were group of four mischievous Hogwarts pals from Gryffindor house way back in the 1970s. They were Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and Harry's dad James Potter.

Apart from getting into scrapes and going on amazing adventures, they invented a special magical map.

The Marauders all had nicknames, too: Remus Lupin was named 'Moony', Peter Pettigrew was called 'Wormtail', Sirius Black was 'Padfoot', and James Potter was known as 'Prongs'.

Remus could transform into a werewolf, so his mates taught themselves how to turn into animals so they could join him. Sirius could change into a large black dog, Peter could make himself look like a rat, while Harry's dad had the ability to become a stag (all of which are important things to remember in the story)

Sure, turning into animals is pretty impressive, but so is the fact they created what is now known as a Marauder's Map. It could show you the layout of Hogwarts, as well as reveal where the secret corridors were as well as actual people. That's a bit more advanced than any GPS app and one that Harry relied on during his time at Hogwarts.

The Marauders' spirit and sense of adventure lived on through Harry and represent the important idea of friendship and loyalty.

This quiz you're about to take isn't a Harry Potter trivia quiz - although there's lots of those on – but this is a personality quiz, designed to reveal which Marauder you're most like. Maybe you've watched the movies and read the books and daydreamed about which one you're most like.

This quiz will cut out the guesswork and give you the answer. Think of it like a digital sorting hat!

1/10 A potion lab

Which subject are you best at?

2/10 A Golden Snitch

Who's your favourite Quidditch team?


3/10 Pick a creature!

4/10 A man covering his eyes

Who do you cross the road to avoid?

5/10 Jelly beans

Which flavour of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans do you hope to get first?

6/10 Harry Potter and The Messy Bedroom

Who's the best male student in Hogwarts?

7/10 Nymphadora Tonks

Who's the best female student in Hogwarts?

8/10 Severus Snape

Which teacher do you most admire?

9/10 Pets eating from bowls

Pick a pet!

10/10 A tourist in a fetching hat

Where do you like to visit?

Remus Lupin

You are: Remus Lupin!

You're a half-blood wizard who can transform into a werewolf!

Peter Pettigrew

You are: Peter Pettigrew!

Your nickname is Wormtail or Scabbers, and became a spy for Voldemort! Oh dear.

Sirius Black

You are: Sirius Black!

You're not exactly a fan of Peter Pettigrew, are you? Your claim to fame is being the only person to escape from Azkaban without any help, which is pretty cool. You can also turn into a dog, if you like.

James Potter

You are: James Potter!

You have a son, but we can't remember his name at the moment. It'll come back to us, we're sure...