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Take The Quiz And See Which Marvel Infinity Stone You Are!

Infinity Stones are incredibly powerful gem-stones that have the ability to cause complete disaster if they’re misused! But which of them are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 19th 2024

We all know what happened in the snap, could it have been stopped? On that timeline maybe not! But on this timeline you’re in control, you’ve got the choices to make and with these choices come consequences! Thankfully the universe isn’t in danger, but you have got the chance to find out once and for all which of the Infinity Stones you’re most like!


What is your favourite colour?


Stark Industries are bringing out a new hover-bike, what do you call it?


Which planet is your favourite?


What is your favourite lesson at school?


Where would you rather time travel to?


A dog is in your bed, what do you do?


You’ve lost your favourite hat, which superhero do you call?


It’s Spiderman’s birthday, what do you buy him?


You’re escaping Thanos, but you can only grab one thing, what is it?


Someone has done the stinkiest fart ever, how do you react?

Mind Stone

Nice! You’re most like the Mind Stone! This powerful stone allows you to control and impact other people’s minds, which is a bit like you already! You know how to get your way and change how people think, eventually everyone will come around to the way you see the world! Just try not to use these powers for evil!

Space Stone

Epic! You’re most like the Space Stone! This is an immensely powerful stone and controls space itself, yes that’s right, space as in the planets, but also space as in from here to the toilet! Imagine that power! You’ve got this result because like the Space Stone, you don’t let a bit of hard work get in the way of getting where you want to be - okay you might not be able to instantly transport there, but you always get where you need to be!

Power Stone

Awesome! You’ve got most in common with the Power Stone! This stone’s power comes from controlling energy, nice! A little bit like the Power Stone, you’re really good at looking after your own energy, even if you’re really tired, you can pull it together and keep going! It’s almost magical how good you are at keeping your energy up, but don’t worry, it’s alright to take a break sometimes!

Soul Stone

Woah! You’ve got most in common with the Soul Stone! According to Wong’s texts, this could be the most powerful of all the stones, and it comes with great responsibility. That’s probably why you’ve got this as your result! You know that there is a lot of pressure out there in the world, but only you truly know the meaning of responsibility and how best to deal with it - just make sure not to take TOO much on your shoulders at once!