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Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

Which Marvel superhero are you? Find out which Marvel legend you are with our special Marvel superhero quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 3rd 2021

"Which Marvel superhero am I?" we hear you bellow! You're about to find out! Take the only Marvel superhero quiz you need...

Take the test now!


Pick a DC hero


Where would you hang out?


What would your sidekick be called?


What's your arch nemisis' evil plan?


What signal would summon you?

6/15 Superhero

What would your signature move be?

7/15 The Hulk

How did you get your super powers?

8/15 Sewing machine

What does your superhero outfit look like?

9/15 A cool granddad

Tell us a cool fact about yourself...

10/15 Stamp collecting

What do you do when you're not fighting crime? Something like a hobby...

11/15 Birthday gifts

Who's the last person you'd send a birthday present to?

12/15 Mr Potato Head

How would you describe yourself in one word?

13/15 A superhero

Who are your superhero friends?

14/15 Crowd

What's your real name?

15/15 An ant

How would you defeat Ant-Man if he became a baddie?


You are: Spider-Man!

We knew it was you! It's funny that you took this quiz on the world wide... web. Sorry, Spidey.


You are: Hulk!

Gosh, you like to smash stuff up, don't you? Still, we're glad you're one of the good guys.

Iron Man

You are: Iron Man!

Can we borrow some of your cool gadgets for a few days please? We won't break them. Honest.

Black Widow

You are: Black Widow

Well, if it isn't one of the world's finest spies... We're surprised you answered any of the questions, to be honest.