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Which Mickey Mouse Character Am I?

Are you more of a Mickey or a Minnie? Find out in this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/10 Man putting on bow tie

Chose an accessory 

2/10 Ice cream

Choose a snack

3/10 Halloween pumpkins

Choose a holiday

4/10 Man thinking

Choose a Disney Princess

5/10 Disneyland

Choose a part of Disney Land Paris 

6/10 Dalmation on grey background

Choose a Disney movie to star in 

7/10 Girl in chefs hat with rat

Choose a Pixar film to watch

8/10 Bowl of cereal

Choose a breakfast cereal 

9/10 Woman thinking

What's your best quality?

10/10 Teddy bear on blue background

Choose a Winnie the Pooh character 

Mickey Mouse result


You're Mickey Mouse! Everyone loves you and you're always cheerful!

Minnie Mouse Result


You're Minnie Mouse! You're sweet and love having fun!

Donald Duck result


You're Donald Duck! You can be a bit mischievous and sometimes temperamental, but you're also lots of fun! 

Daisy result


You're Daisy Duck! You love shopping and sometimes you can be a little bit fussy, but you have a big heart!