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Which Mr Beast Video Are You? Quiz

Test your Mr Beast knowledge with this cool quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 28th 2022

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@mrbeast | YouTube

iPhones are cheaper in the USA than in the UK. How are you getting there?


What’s on your TV when you’re not watching Mr Beast?

@mrbeast | YouTube

Pick your favourite offbeat Olympic sport to make into parody Mr Beast style youtube video?

4/10 MrBeast
@mrbeast | YouTube

What’s your favourite subject at school?

5/10 A superhero revealing his costume

Which superhero is your favourite?


6/10 What is your favourite animal from this list?

@mrbeast | YouTube

What’s your favourite word from this list?


What’s your top crisp flavour? Choose very carefully…

@mrbeast | YouTube

What would you do with a $100000000 mega-prize from Mr Beast?

@mrbeast | YouTube

What would do if you ever met Mr Beast?

@mrbeast | YouTube

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

You’re a danger lover. This Mr Beast’s Squid Games in Real Life video would be right up your street!

@mrbeast | YouTube

If You Can Carry $1,000,000 You Keep It!

You like physical challenges. You’d’ve aced this Mr Beast test!

@mrbeast | YouTube

I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!

You’re a smart quicker thinker who would be great at working out the maximum spend A$AP!

I Walked Across The Earth!

You’re a gamer, who’d be brilliant at this race-across-the-world Minecraft competition!